What we touch connects us to the world allowing us to experience the big and small moments that make our life special. As we lead busier on the go lives, we increasingly rely on the screens we touch, making our days more hassle free. The more we engage with everyday surfaces the more we are exposed to infectious germs such as COVID-19. The germs we pick on the go comes with us everywhere. Without knowing we carry them everywhere, to the places we want to feel the safest: our homes, our schools, our hospitals. Modern life means we can’t always choose where we touch and what we carry with us. But there is a smarter choice, a better way to protect our homes, Business Units and special places.
BV Clean & BV Shield ,Covid 19 Proctection 100 Days Antiviral Coat
BV Clean Handwash
BV Clean 3 days Anti Bacterial & Anti Bacterial Floor Cleaner
BV Clean Hand Rub
BV Clean Car Sanitizer Spray
BV Clean Lite , Multi purpose Cleaner
V Clean , 7 Days , Hard Stain Removal Concentrate Disinfect
V Clean 3 Days, Disinfectant Industrial Cleaner
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