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Unique modern Mint Life Sciences is a Research oriented pharmaceutical company which is into manufacturing, marketing and export of pharmaceutical products. Over the last 14 years Mint Life Sciences has carved a niche worldwide owing to its quality assured products and reliable services. We have over 300 products under our brand name which includes Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Syrups, Ointments, Dry Powder, and Lotions etc. Now we bring you a highly specialized range of disinfectants and surface coatings for safe and hygienic living in workplaces, public places and homes. furniture for your home.
Director's Speak
Mint life science Pvt Ltd & BV Clean is a company build with a belief that Medicine has been a very sensitive and vital sector since its invention. The foundation of Mint Life Sciences & BV Clean has been built with strong values and dedication.
Today with the help of its dynamic leaders, Mint life sciences  & BV Clean , has grown itself globally as a highly reputed pharma brand, in various sectors like API trading, disinfectant manufacturing, Solvent manufacturing and recovery, Contract manufacturing and also running one of the Leading pharma franchise business in India. Mint Life Sciences continues to inspire and challenges leaders in the group to find innovative ways to fulfill unmet community needs and to lead the way towards better alignment of societal strategies through pharmaceutical business.


      To have a strong foothold in the field of pharmaceutical and related products manufacturing, marketing and New Drug research and development along with being a trusted name that is engaged in providing solutions to enhance overall quality of life.

      To Research and innovate constantly and continuously on our products and services, in a mission to provide quality products with affordable prices thus enhancing quality of life.
Why Us
1. 13 years of Presence in Market.
2. Exporting pharmaceuticals to various countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Uzbekistan etc.
3. Over 200 products in its own brand name.
4. Technical Collaboration with like IIT Ropar.
5. Own manufacturing of Disinfectants and Cosmetics.
6. Market & distribution all India.

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